Portfolios can only do so much. The heart of experience strategy and design is storytelling, and those stories need context, they need background, and most of all, they need a storyteller. (Like me, for instance.)

A stack of wireframes or an archived presentation, they say “This Was Done,” but they don’t always communicate why or how or where things went wrong before they went right.

That said, here are some artifacts from stories in my past. Take a look, check out the details, then ask me some questions.



Bank of America

Merrill Lynch. A retirement ecosystem is vast and can be confusing.

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Sephora Universe. Something big and virtual is coming. Too early to brag about it now, but watch this space.

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Knowledge Hub Playbook. What good is Sharepoint if you don’t use it? This was a way to make that better. 

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Bank of America

Solution Finder. A choose-your-own-adventure style wizard to help Small Businesses succeed. 

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Insights Redesign. The task? Give the client their own personal Bloomberg News.

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First American

Title Insurance. How do you use one system to make every broker’s profile look and feel unique? 

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Website Redesign. Sometimes a project just works.

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Advance Local

Trust Study. With ten local newspapers to manage, how do you present the news in a way people trust?

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The Ultimate PDP. When the product you offer is the key to everything you do, how do you make your details stand out? You start with the day-to-day-life of a financial advisor.

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JP Morgan Private Bank

Ecosystem Redesign. Over 18 months from start to finish, it’s only natural this work has it’s own case study?

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Informed Delivery. How do you design the app of the future for an actual legend?

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Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Lead Conversion Tracking Tool. Practices were gathering new leads, but those leads disappeared. What if Abbott could serve their practices better by providing a means of tracking those leads?

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