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User Journey

“Your digital experience begins and ends with the Product Detail Page.”

Something we said at one or more points during every single client presentation with Invesco. Your home page is important, of course, but to the financial advisor wanting to make the best decisions about their client’s hard-earned money, the product detail page is going to be the side door they use more often than not.

We dove hard into designing the best possible product detail page, stripping the PDPs of Invesco’s competition for parts and rearranging the pieces like we were shuffling a deck of cards.

At one point, we invited financial advisors into the office, handing them pieces of the PDP printed out and pasted onto foamcore, asking them to arrange them in the order that worked best for them. We weren’t too surprised when several of the FAs put thought leadership over to the side unused, but it was still a shock when one FA threw that piece across the room.

To gain an understanding of how this PDP needed to work, we needed to understand how FAs went about their day to day lives. To that end, we undertook what remains the most extensive and detailed user journeys I’ve ever seen. Printed out on a plotter, each journey took up an entire conference room wall.

All Journeys Lead to the PDP

Big User Journey