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Lead Conversion Tracking Tool

The Ask 

Design a tool to gather and track leads for LASIK procedures at Abbott practices. 

The Concern 

What if Abbott could serve their practices better by providing a means of tracking those leads? And if that tracking system offered Abbott a window into their practices’ lead acquisition patterns and efforts, all the better. 

The Discovery 

A series of stakeholder interviews were scheduled and conducted via telephone with 12 practices nationwide, large and small. A battery of 10 questions were developed, asking practices about their extant lead retention tools, what problems they encountered, the path patients took from prospect to success. The interviews were recorded. 

The Brief 

The brief recommended an application simple in approach, gathering only the most vital information to avoid redundancy, and accessible / updatable from anywhere. The result would be a browser-­based tool, accessible via a login and hosted by Abbott itself. 

The Design Process 

The first step was a plotting of points along a lead’s timeline. From expressing interest to scheduling an appointment, to actually following through or even cancelling, I determined that a series of linked statuses could effectively track a patient’s progress. 

The next was sketching on paper, keeping the functionality simple and the about of data entry to a minimum. Through drafted sketches, I determined the app needed only a small variety of screens: a dashboard, an entry page (used also for adjusting lead’s status), and a search page. That sketch work was developed in Axure RP, a prototyping tool. These prototypes were shared with the client during regularly scheduled meetings. Initially high-­fidelity but black & white, the prototype was given a more branded look and feel in collaboration with creative. 

The Result 

The client was very pleased with the final UX recommendation. The brand­aligned prototype was shared with prospective users at a sales meeting, and was met with literal applause.

Screenshot from Prototype

Screenshot from Prototype