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Ecosystem Redesign

J.P. Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., provides indispensable intelligence and personalized insights to individuals and families across the globe.

To reflect the breadth of the bank’s mission and the company’s imperative to target and acquire new audiences for the J.P. Morgan Private Bank, we started by redesigning the primary touchpoint clients experience: the Private Bank Website.

We immersed ourselves in J.P. Morgan’s world to understand the experience high net worth clients have with the bank and reframed the bank’s story-telling from an “inside baseball” approach to one seen from the client’s perspective—a first for the company.

To tackle this problem, we faced three distinct challenges: a lack of identity and expressed mission, shallow content and poor SEO, and a lack of meaningful data capture/personalization. 

The solution? Focus their digital ecosystem on lead acquisition and provide contributors with enhanced editorial control.

JP Morgan Private Bank Front Page Circa 2019

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