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Title Insurance Overhaul

“Just how big is this project?”

It seemed pretty simple. The client had brokers, the client wanted those brokers to stop using homemade DIY websites, the client wanted a robust solution to give their brokers powerful, informative profiles that reflected the areas where they worked, while being easily updated and maintained. 

Simple. Right?

But with every simple project comes the complications that come from learning more and digging deeper. Some brokers worked only as teams. Some brokers covered more than one region. Not every region has an office, and some regions had more than one office. What started as a design exercise soon became an exploration of information architecture adjustment while the project was already in flight. We started with broker pages, and ended up with office pages, team pages, state pages, and almost region pages!

And to make it all the more interesting, we decided early on to keep the client in the design loop by sharing our Figma workspace and opening it up for comments. It was because of that transparency we were able to succeed and move as quickly to changing requirements as we did.

(Oh, and did I mention that we somehow skipped right over wireframes and straight into design?)

First American Title Profile Page Design in Figma

First American Landing Pages. Profile. Team. State.